Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Week Ago Today, Everything Changed...

Today was my one week post-op follow-up. It was pretty easy breezy.  I arrived and met with the LPN and the Dietician. It was uneventful but the news of being able to finally eat mushy food was like doing a "happy dance" in my mind!  Two weeks of liquids! Whether it was Optifast or the strict liquid diet of the "Week One of Post-Op"- I don't want to see a Jell-O cup for a while.

Today was the day I also got my first "officially logged" weight loss.  Fifteen pounds! However, the "unofficial log" (i.e. my scale when I'm wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear) says 25 pounds. Hmmm... I'll take the "unofficial". HA HA HA HA

My starting weight was 352 pounds. For a man my height (6'4"), I should be in the ballpark of 225 - 235 (at least, that's what I would call a "sexy" weight for me). Doctors might suggest 15 pounds less that that. Just reaching 250 would be phenomenal considering I haven't weighed that since junior high!

Moving onto "mushies" was very nice. For lunch, I had the small chili from Wendy's.  I also need to mention that I was only able to eat half.  I'll see you tomorrow my tasty chili cup! Today I also had to work the 30/30 rule into structured existence.  Drinking plenty of water is a must! Having to get my protein is vital.  Helps to keep the energy level up. I'm going to do an entry on just protein mixes because NOT ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL! BLAH...  So far, I'm finding that the powdered, taste-like-pastries ones are better - but rest assured, this week I'll post more details.

I also wanted to talk about my meal tonight.  It was FAAAAANTASTIC! OH. MY. GOD! I went to Trader Joe's and bought the marinated frozen chicken breast and some marinated eggplant and zucchini.  We are only supposed to eat 4oz and that was the BEST 4 ozs! Just had to microwave the chicken for a minute and a half - let it sit after cooking and it's just as MOIST as can be.  The veggies - soft and flavorful. I didn't finish the chicken - My dog, Big Mac did.  I think he'll be benefiting from my changing life just as much as I will.  :0)  As I discover more delectable meal options, I'll share those along with the proper information so that you can locate it as well.

Hasta luego!


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