Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ain't No Easy Whey!

It'll be 3 weeks since surgery on Tuesday.  I started exercising again now that my little issue with the bunion on my right foot has gone away.  That hurt worse than surgery!

With the time that has passed, I can't say that I've been the star pupil of post-op.  I did eat a small bag of M&Ms the other day and aside from the Starbust Jellybeans I encountered... I'm doing pretty well with watching the sugars. Unfortunately, getting all of the  protein in has been a thorn in my side.

I ordered a sample pack of protein things prior to surgery.  I figured this would give me a lot of choices and make drinking the protein a piece of cake.  When I was in the hey day of working out and had a personal trainer back in 2002, I was drinking protein shakes. It wasn't too bad - but I only had to have a small shake each day.   Now that it's important for me to get 65 grams of protein in a day I thought I'd switch it up and get some varieties that I might like.  Not all wheys are good wheys. 

So let me start with the horribly awful:

New Why Liquid Protein - Grape Flavor, 42 grams
I bought this one as an individual tube at GNC. I figured, hey.. let's try this because it's fruit flavored - so that will break up the whole chocolate, vanilla thing - AND it's 42 grams in one tube and it's such a small tube.   Well, I drank it and almost gagged!  It was sour and has a horrible after taste.  I finished drinking it and I could smell the concoction for days it seemed like. 
Recommend:  HELL NO!

Liquid Morph+ - Fruit Punch Flavor, 45 grams
I bought a six-pack of this flavor during the same time I bought the New Whey one.  So needless to say that I was hesitant on trying it. I was on the go and needed to get some protein in.  I cracked open the tube and smelled it.  It wasn't as repugnant as New Whey but I still held my breath as I took the first sip.  Not as bad as I thought.  Okay flavor, considered the protein really throws it off - but it's tolerable.  I don't mind it but I definitely have to wash my mouth out after drinking and it encourages me to drink water!
Recommend: If you need to get in your protein, it's not a bad option.

Believe Mocha Latte, 20 grams
I like coffee.  Correction, I used to like coffee.  Prior to surgery, for three weeks I switched to decaf. They say this is a smart move because you don't want to be in caffeine withdrawal while in recovery.  I thought it would a good thing to buy the coffee flavored protein drinks from There was a bottle in my sample bag that I ordered but i figured I LOVED coffee so it can't be bad.  Well... I was fooled.  With a case of this in my fridge I was at a loss for what to do.  Then one day I thought to add one packet of Splenda to  the bottle and VIOLA!!! It was pretty good.  Not fantastic like a Caramel Frappucinno from Starbucks.. but it works. Today was the 4th time I tried to drink brewed coffee and I just wasn't interested in it.  Looks like my taste buds have changed.  It doesn't even seem appealing to me anymore. Once this case is finished, I won't be buying this anymore.  Besides, for the bottle, you only get 20grams of protein.  Totally not worth my money.
Recommend:  If you like coffee - go for it. I just don't think you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Zero Carb Isopure, 40 grams
Here's another bright idea I had.  Fruit flavored drinks sound DELICIOUS.. but they're not.  Not to me anyway. There's that weird after taste from the protein that messes me up.   Of the flavors that come in the case, Apple Melon is the most tolerable.  I may try adding some Splenda to the bottle and seeing if that improves the taste.  However, I am disappointed with how large the bottle is for the amount of protein you're getting.  That's 20 ounces of so-so flavor to get 40 grams when I can drink 8 ounces of a chocolate protein powder and get 30grams or suffer through a tube of Liquid Morph+ at 3.1 ounces and get 45 grams of protein! 
Recommend: Well the website says many bariatric surgeons recommend this. Maybe so because of the liquid consumption. I'm not completely sold on it - but I will try it with a little Splenda and see if that changes my tune.

I was also experimenting with the powders.  I ordered a large bag from Here's my run down of the flavors I've tried. Keep in mind, each serving gives you 30grams of protein.

The flavor was just off. I like fruit flavors but this just wasn't working for me.  I had to trash it.
Recommend: It might taste good blended with real fruit. 

This tastes very good.  I blend it with skim milk and actually enjoy drinking it.  Sometimes I give myself a little extra. :0)  This way I don't have to have to drink much later unless it's between meals and I'm feeling hungry.  I bought a big bag of this and each week I bring 7 ziplock bags of portioned out powder with me to work.
Recommend: Highly! 

Another fantastic flavor.  I really like this one as well. My plan is to buy a large bag of the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor and mix it with the Dutch Chocolate Cake.  This way I will have three flavors to enjoy.  By the way, the powders do mix up really well.
Recommend: Yes!

I've never drank this one alone, but I would imagine I would.  I mixed it with Dutch Chocolate Cake and it was very good.
Recommend: Yes!

Very nice flavor. Smooth and creamy. I plan to order a bag of this one as well.
Recommend: Yes!

Clearly, we all have different tastes in what's good and what's not, but hopefully my information will give you an idea of what you should purchase and/or expect.  For me, I'd much rather have a smaller amount of protein to drink and get it out of the way as opposed to having to sip/drink on something all afternoon.  That's not my idea of a good time. hahaha

Happy taste testing!

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Jen Hills said...

Ha ha! Great post! Thanks for doing the leg work on protein taste testing! I am really enjoying my GNC powder mix but I'll have to try some of your suggestions!