Friday, February 12, 2010

And the Countdown Begins

Today marks 10 days before I take the leap into better managing my health. As I sit here, ankles hurting (from what I'm not sure), I have been reflecting on my journey to have lap-band surgery that will take place on Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

I remember how I went to a weight loss seminar early last spring. The presentation left me less than excited. I thought, "Okay. This is clearly not the thing for me." I mean, geez! They expect me to make all of these changes? Don't eat this.. eat this instead. You can't have that! By the way, you know you will not be allowed to drink alcohol, EVER again? I left the seminar disheartened and thinking, "I think I can do this..." However, I wasn't extremely confident.

A couple of weeks later I made the call to set up an appointment to meet with the doctor who offered this seminar. I ended up canceling the appointment because I learned that my insurance wasn't going to cover any of the surgery. I soon dropped the idea. At least for a while.

About eight months later, I investigated the options my insurance did allow. It led me to another doctor's office and another weight loss seminar. This time around it ALL felt right. I felt better informed and there was a rapport with the speakers this morning. They had an entire system in place to guide you through the process.

Now, as I look toward the days closing in on my surgery, I stepped out on faith that I am making the best decision for myself. I want to be healthier. Slimmer. More fit. Have less pains. Be in the best shape mentally and physically that I can be.

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