Monday, February 22, 2010

The Big Day

Tomorrow by the time - I will be the recipient of a lap-band.  Tonight... I'm excited and nervous. I don't think I'll have a hard time sleeping considering I'm really tired tonight. I just remembered how I needed to get a post in on the eve of surgery. 

Today I ate something that I probably shouldn't have and now I'm a little worried about the outcome of that choice tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have enough time that passes for the food to have worked through my system. I don't show up for surgery until 11:30am and the surgery doesn't take place until 1pm.  This gives me a fair amount of time - considering I can't eat or drink anything from midnight tonight until after surgery.

My main worry right now is managing post-op.  It'll be nearly 8 weeks of liquids and mushy. I finished a week of Optifast and lost 10 pounds in a week! WOW! I definitely felt like I had. The pants felt less snug. Just imagine what it'll feel like after another week!

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